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Product Offerings/Parts & Accessories

With the increased demand for computers, and accessories there is a constant demand for quality parts for repairs, upgrades, or system building. We have access to thousands of parts for any type of system. Wether you need parts for generic or propriatary machines, we can help you with a full line of manufacturers and dealers at our disposal. The following list is an example of the types of components we carry:

  • Motherboards
  • Hard Drives
  • Monitors
  • Memory for computers, printers, laptops, and more.
  • CPU's
  • Input devices including keyboards, mice, scanners, cameras, etc.
  • Computer Enclusures (rack mount, desktop, tower)
  • Modems
  • Network devices
  • Printers
  • Tape backup and other removable storage (Zip, Jaz, Syquest)
  • Switchboxes, cables, and other connectivity devices
  • Surge, UPS, ond other power protection devices
  • Supplies including disks, tapes, printer supplies, cleaners, and more.
  • and just about anything else you need, just ask!