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Product Offerings/Network Hardware

Building a local or wide area network requires numerous pieces of hardware including routers, hubs, switches, remote access equipment, etc. We can be your source for new, used, and refurbished network hardware components to meet your needs. As an authorized partner with Cisco, Adtran, APC, and Netopia, we can provide high quality network hardware solutions for business and home office needs. We also sell and support products by 3com, Bay Networks, Compaq, HP, Intel, and many others. Our engineers can not only sell you network hardware, but can assist in the planning, implementation, and support of any size network. In building wide area networks, we can also assist in ordering and planning your wide area links through our Telecommunications Management Solutions and our Installation services.

We can also assist in providing power protection services for networks, workstations, and datacenters. With products and services by American Power Conversion, we can provide surge protection devices, uninterruptible power systems, and remote network management products to help you maintain a reliable network.