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Service Offerings/Internet Services/Broadband Everywhere

In order to bring high speed Internet services to all customers, we are proud to announce our Broadband Everywhere program. This initiative combines our current DSL, ISDN, and T1 offerings with our new fixed wireless services available in Chesterfield, VA and our newest Satellite product which is available anywhere in the continental United States. This unique combination of service offerings allows us to provide options for high speed service in many areas that are currently only serviced by dial-up service. This also allows you, the customer, to have a choice in who provides your service. With the monopoly that cable operators have, many people are stuck with the poor service and high price of cable Internet service, and now you have a choice. With pricing starting as low as $39/month, affordable high speed services are accessible to everyone.

If you don't find your exact needs listed here, feel free to contact us. We are constantly developing new services to meet the needs of our customers.