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Service Offerings/Internet Services/Dial-up Access

Top quality dial-up Internet connections are the core of any Internet Service Provider's offerings, and ours is no exception. Through our nationwide network, we offer a complete array of fast and reliable dial-up connections. Our dial-up accounts feature unlimited, flat-rate billing, complete unfiltered access to the Internet, email, and Usenet newsgroups, and fast connections up to 56K in most areas. Another unique feature of our dial-up accounts is Unix shell access, allowing you to telnet to our server and perform tasks like reading and sending mail, browsing newsgroups, editing web pages, and many other things. All of our dial-up accounts by default support the standard PPP protocol for connecting, but on our Virginia network, we have the flexibility to offer text-based access, and the less widely used SLIP and UUCP protocols for specialized connectivity needs. Dial-up ISDN is also available in many areas, making high-speed dial-up access a reality. Dial-up accounts are available on a prepaid basis, simplifying billing and offering savings over monthly billing. Below you will find the account categories and features.

Individual Dial-up Pricing Info
Our most reasonably priced account can be used as a basic access and email account for personal, business, or non-profit use. It offers one email address in the domain, 2 megabytes of storage space (for personal or non profit use only), and Unlimited dial-up access for one computer at a time. All of our optional services are available on this account.

Single User Business Dial-up Pricing Info
Our most popular small business package includes the features listed above, plus adds ten megabytes of space for a business web site, CGI access, and the ability to associate a commercial domain name with the web site.

Commercial Dial-up Pricing Info
Our best value for business. The account includes 20 megabytes of commercial web space, up to ten email addresses, CGI access, domain name hosting, and it allows for simultaneous dial-in by multiple users.

Commercial Dial-up (IDSN) Pricing Info
Includes all of the features of the above business dial-up plus the high speed of all-digital ISDN capabilities. Available in 64K speeds in all locations, and many locations can get 128K speeds as well.