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Service Offerings/Internet Services/Business Internet Services/Single User DSL Access

ADSL is an emerging technology based on Digital Subscriber Line technology. This service is a digital service that works over your existing telephone line, allowing for simultaneous Internet access and telephone usage. This new technology is available in speeds from 768K to 7.1MB within the Verizon service area. Other telephone companies offer different speeds. ADSL is subject to distance limitations, meaning that you must live within a short distance of the telephone company Central Office. The following packages are available for business use.

Single User Business Accounts: Requires ADSL Modem
Speed (Upload/Download)Web Hosting IncludedE-Mail IncludedIP AddressingPrice/Month
768K/128K20 Meg, Domain Hosting, CGI/Perl/Frontpage10 mailboxesSingle Static IP$65
1.5M/128K20 Meg, Domain Hosting, CGI/Perl/Frontpage10 mailboxesSingle Static IP $109
7.1M/768K20 Meg, Domain Hosting, CGI/Perl/Frontpage10 mailboxesSingle Static IP $199

Remember, not all speeds are available on all lines. Also, take note that if you currently have a second telephone line just for your Internet access, you can disconnect that line since the ADSL service works along with your voice line allowing you to talk on the phone and use the Internet at the same time without having 2 lines. This cost savings can usually offset the additional cost of the DSL service, giving you superior Internet access for about the same amount of money you are currently spending for dial-up service.

Also note: Installation and equipment charges apply to new DSL service orders. Contact our office for more information.